Advantages Of Electronic Drums

Electronic drums have many huge advantages over acoustic drum sets. In this article, we will discuss some of these big advantages, and what they mean in practice, to working drummers.

An electronic drum set can be used to produce a vast range of different sounds, compared to the single set of sounds available from an acoustic set. An electronic drum can trigger almost any sound imaginable, from the very best of acoustic drum sets recorded using top-of-the-range equipment by the most experienced sound engineers, to an incredible range of other types of sounds. This makes the electronic drum set suitable for many genres and styles of music, many of which the acoustic set is not suitable for.

One of the other major advantages of the electronic set is that they produce very little acoustic sound when they are used. This particularly applies to the Roland mesh-head drums (the basis of the Roland V-drum sets) because air passes easily though the head thus making far less sound than even other electronic drum pads. This low level of acoustically generated sound makes them much easier to record alongside other instruments, as well as annoying neighbors far less and enabling a drummer to practice and play without damaging their ears.

Added to these considerable advantages, electronic kits are very much easier to store, transport and set up than an acoustic drum kit. This makes them of much more practical value to a working drummer, whether performing on stage or in the recording studio.

Currently there are a very wide range of electronic drums available, for all budgets. There are sets available from the amazing price of around $ 180 (at the time of writing) for an Ion drum set, all the way up to $ 7000 dollars or more. As well as complete sets, there are individual drums and multi-drum pads available too.

There are some brands know for their high quality, such as Yamaha, Alesis and Roland, who produce various types of electronic drums. Roland is especially well-regarded for their V-drums which are know to have a dynamic range and expressive details similar to an acoustic drum set.