How A Pet Door Can Improve Your Life

Owning an animal is a huge commitment, especially if you work full or part time and have to dash home when you can to allow your pet to go outside.

At some point you would have been annoyed of frustrated with your pet because you have just sat down and got comfortable and your dog or cat is at your feet wining to go out

The answer to these problems is simple – a pet door, owning a pet door will not only allow your pet to have the freedom of coming in and out side as and when she pleases it will also protect your walls, carpets, floors and furniture from the scratching pets sometimes do when they want to go outside.

The best way to determine what door suits you is to measure your pets height and width, this will give you the right measurements to need to purchase a pet door that your pet can actually fit through. You will also need to know the thickness of the door that it will be attached to. Armed with this information you wont go wrong.

Installation can sometimes be tricky, all pet doors should come with full installation instructions and it is important to follow the steps properly. Alternatively if this is something that you do find difficult then you could always get someone in to for the door for you. This should not take long and should not be too expensive.

There are many types of pet doors available that vary in size, shape, colour and price, most people think of a flap type door when thinking of a pet door, however the electronic type is becoming more and more popular.

Some of the advantages of having an electronic pet door are as follows –
An electronic pet door is operated by a signal that comes from your pets collar, this means the door will only open for your pet, this will stop other animals and strays from entering your home.
Because the electronic pet door only opens when your pet sets off the signal it will remain closed unlike a flap door, this will reduce loss of heating or air conditioning.
An electronic pet door is considered safer than an flap, anyone can push things through a flap door where as an electronic pet door will remain sealed and closed.

Once you have researched and installed your pet door you will need to encourage your pet to actually use it, as will all new things your pet probably wont understand what it is for at first. Never push an animal through the pet door to show her how it works, this could scare your pet and they may never use it again

Try to gently encourage your pet to go through, stand the other side with a treat and gently persuade her to come through, be patient, they may not go through for a while and it is important not to put them off.

When he or she finally does go thought the pet door remember to reward them and make it fun, this way your pet will be happy to use the door and you can both enjoy the benefits.