Opel Astra J Car Navigation DVD Player Will Greatly Enrich Your Driving Experience

Opel Astra J Car Navigation DVD Player Will Greatly Enrich Your Driving Experience

Opel Astra seems to be able to provide car owners with everything that they are looking for in a car – comfort, convenience, fashion, great craftsmanship and so on. But do you want to have more options for entertainment, or make your kids enjoy a movie so that they won’t scream and cry when you take them on a long drive? With the Opel Astra DVD player, you can have the most memorable drive you ever had.

This Opel Astra DVD player fits 2010-2011 Opel Astra J. As adopts original factory panel design and wire harness, so it can be easily installed in these cars without to rewire or to make a lot of adjustments. This dual din DVD player is compatible with a DVD, CD, MP3, MP4, DIVX and so on, which means that you will have a lot of choices when it comes to what music to enjoy while driving. Of course, if you are making long drives together with some passengers, you need to entertain them. With the Astra J car DVD player with multiple functions, you can easily do this.

Driving on a long trip can be annoying if you take one or more little kids in the vehicle, because, as we all know, the children are easy to get bored and noisy. But with the multifunctional car dvd player your Astra J offers, they will become manageable as they are busy watching their favorite movies or some videos that they feel interested in being played, then they will have no time to disturb you. This no doubt makes you more relaxed during the driving.

The Astra J DVD player has the built-in GPS navigation receiver system, which can offer you suitable routes or right directions to your destination. When you drive to some unfamiliar areas, this unit can also help you find hotels, restaurants, and tourist spots and sites and other places that travelers usually seek. This also avoid you get lost in criss-cross roads. In addition, the GPS voice guidance is also available, and you can listen to music or radio while in navigation.

Apart from GPS navigation, the Opel car audio DVD player also enables the drivers make or receive calls without removing their hands from the steering wheel control as it has handsfree bluetooth set. This effectively increases the driving safety to a great extent. Also, bluetooth stereo music is also available, allowing you to enjoy the music stored in your phone.

With built-in AM/FM tuner, this DVD player also makes you catch up with the latest news even on the go. You can also tune to some station to listen to the weather forecast so that you can get ready in advance, or listen to your favorite music station. RDS function is also supported. If you choose the optional DVB-T, you are also allowed to watch live TV programs that you don’t want to miss(remember that you must not do this if you are driving).

In addition, this Opel Astra J car DVD player is also equipped with iPod control, which allows you to fully enjoy iPod music via your car’s stereo system, as well as control your iPod player directly on the DVD screen. You can play MP3/MP4 and other digital files directly from USB drive, SD card or other storage devices. Have this Opel Astra J DVD GPS navigation installed in your vehicle, i believe that you will get an amazing driving experience!